Tuesday, June 8, 2010



Mexico edges out Uruguay... 2nd behind an under achieving French side. France is without a doubt the strongest team on paper but with a shaky qualification campaign which saw them into the cup by edging out Ireland after a Thirry Henry hand ball. They also had a poor 2008 Euro performance. I really think that these top 3 teams will compete for the 1st spot and Uruguay is possibly the worst of the 3 but what is sports without upsets? Uruguay might just turn a few heads thanks to Diego Forlan or flop due to the reliance on one player. If France shows up they should leave this group by the wayside but have been very inconsistent and as much as I dislike mexico they have impressed as of late and may make a run if things fall their way. Sorry South Africa... thanks for letting the world hang out for a bit.


I was only about to see a little chunk of the MEX v. RSA games and the 1st half of the URU v. FRA game and I'm going to not pass judgement on the Mexico game because I didn't see enough of it... ALTHOUGH Mexico is going to have to step it up if they want to move on and South Africa is going to need to continue to feed off the crowd but I still don't see them getting results against Uruguay or France. In the 2nd game URU v. FRA was a horribly boring gridlock, I saw a little spark from Forlan and I think he is going to lead Uruguay into the round of 16 over Mexico... a little flip flop from my previous prediction... France is going to need to shake the cobwebs quick because Mexico played decently and South Africa is a sneaky side as we found out on opening day.


France is playing the worst football they have played in years. Uruguay is on the up and up. Although Mexico played well and deserved the 3 points I think this is a case of France losing and no so much Mexico Winning. A chip through ball undid the French defense who instead of playing football decided to put their hands in the air hoping for offsides... truly amateur. The 2nd goal came on a penalty shot after lazy slide tackle from Abidal. It may seem like a monumental result because of France's reputation but the side that Mexico beat June, 17, 2010 in Polokwane has no business being in the world cup. Uruguay is playing fantastic football and it will be interesting to see them play Mexico. Both coming off great wins and both beaming with confidence, personally I fancy Uruguay but that could just be bias.

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