Tuesday, June 8, 2010



With the loss of Michael Ballack who was ruled out after an ankle injury with his club side... I give the 1st spot to Serbia, over Germany. Australia doesn't really have a chance in this group and after Mikael Essien was ruled out after an injury, Ghana will be making a short trip
home once the round of 16 starts. Look for Serbia to make a 2008 UEFA
Euro Russian run with the help of possibly the worlds best center back, Nemanja Vidic.
Also look for Branislav Ivanovic, Nikola Zigic, Milos Krasic, and Milan Jovanovic among others to make impacts.


Serbia let me down against Ghana going down 1-0 and Germany exceeded my personal expectations by beating up on the soccer roos 4-0 although 2 goals came after Australia went down to 10 men but this result was never in question, Germany practically man-handled the nation from down under. Basically to this point I got this group all wrong besides Australia being less then exemplary...

Serbia really let down against Ghana, I still believe them to be a side that could over looked and I would still fancy them to move deep into the knockout stage but Ghana still must play the aussies which at this point is an easy 3 points. This means that if Serbia is going to advance they would have to get all 3 points against the Germans which a week ago I would of said was possible because of the poor club seasons that many of the Germans had plus the loss of Michael Ballack (the German Captain) but I learned one this from watching the other days match... Never underestimate the Germans at a world cup. Since 1950 either Brazil or Germany (including west Germany) have not been in the final only twice. The Germans are just one of those nations with incredible world cup pedigree. Serbia looks to be done and Ghana now looks to be advancing.


Serbia with the win over Germany helping me out because I was thinking that my prediction that Serbia would win outright would be wrong. There's a chance I get it right, probably not though because Germany has a huge +3 goal differential in the bank. Germany and Serbia should get 3 points in their next matches advancing both sides into the knockout stages. Serbia slid by Germany after a card happy referee put Germany on 10 men and Podolski missed a penalty.

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