Tuesday, June 8, 2010



Our Group yyyyeeeeeAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!
Although the English media is weary of their sides chances in this years cup they are still a very good team with the ability to beat the best in the world. Rio Ferdinand won't be featured in the tournament because of a recent injury sustained during training which leaves some questions at the english center back position... but nonetheless a strong team. The US should be able to hold on to the 2nd spot without a problem but the US is more them capable of over taking England and winning this group. Even if the US move on we would have to face either Germany or Serbia ,most likely, out of group D which will be tough... Players to watch for the US :

1. Landon Donovan: The best player the US has ever had, a lot is on his shoulders this cup after a disappointing 2006 cup.
2.Clint Dempsey: He is a regular starter for the English side Fulham and will be pivotal to US success .
3. Oguchi Onyewu: Will he be able to shake off the rust from a recent injury and be what we expect from a 6'4'' center back?
4. Buddle and Altedore: What will this pair be able to do against the worlds top defenses? We know Altedore can use his size to fight of defenders and score but can Buddle replace the lost pace after Charlie Davis tragic accident took him out of the squad?
5. Tim Howard: The brick wall in goal for the US, we'll be looking at him to keep us in games especially if we move deep into the tournament.


How bout that!?! A big point for the States against the group favorites. To be honest, we got lucky. Capello was forced to take out Milner who was a joke in the first half and also had to take out King who has the chronic knee injury. Do I even need to mention Green's moment? Basically all 3 of England's question marks where answered poorly all to the pleasure of the US who escaped with a point. The US only true chance coming after Altedore's super run past Jamie Carragher which ending with a ball ricocheting of the post. the whole of the game seemed similar to the Spain game of a year ago where the US absorbed lots of pressure but was never undone... besides Gerrard's goal in the 4th minute of course. To me the US is a very solid side that lacks the dynamic edge that many of the world powers posses, little by little we are getting there. Perhaps in 10 years we can make that jump from 2nd tier to 1st tier world power :)


USA cheated and England not playing like England. Well... wow... not a goal? I was unaware Jim Joyce was calling the game. The US came out in the first playing and played well, I thought. Its hard to defend against a 25 yard super strike but Slovenia's goal was unacceptable. I point the finger squarely at Onyewu, he was 5 yard behind the rest of the defense holding Slovenia onside and allowing them to go 1 v 1 at goal. For the US to be successful Onyewu needs to but his tactics hat on and play like he knows what being a center back means. Onyewu was also off his line in the 4th minute of the England game and thats how Gerrard was able to slip in behind for the goal. Back to the Slovenia game, multiple times attackers where drifting away and from Onyewu because of his constant ball watching and lack of tactical awareness. He is a physically gifted athlete but needs to become more aware. Hopefully we can play the rest of our games the way we played the 2nd half of todays. England is similar to France because they are just not playing well as a team, so much talent but they are not meshing into a team unit. Its unfortunate for the English but certainly no one in America cares.

I prefer the Rolling Stones.

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