Tuesday, June 8, 2010



The attack heavy argentina v the total defensive style of greece. Nigeria lacks the quality to advance out of this group and South Korea definitely can crack the top 2 but I think the story of this group will be how well Argentina can deal with the Greece defensive mentality. Argentina has an immense attacking presence with a little bit of a lacking defense, later in the tournament they might find themselves in a shootout with better teams so if they can get 3-4 goals against Greece they should be good against the top world teams but if they can only pull out 1-2 against Greece look out for a disappointing run. Argentina wont be as reliant on messi as some people may think because they have a wealth of other attacking weapons with Tevez, Milito, Di Maria, Aguero, and Higuain who beat out C.Ronaldo as the top scored at Real Madrid and was 2nd in La Liga to none other then Messi.


Argentina showed to be the class of the group by beating Nigeria is a dominating 1-nil win. Greece on the other hand showed to be the clowns of the group after a flop against South Korea. Argentina hit 20 shots and 8 of which came from little Lionel, on another day he might of had a hat trick. The potent Argentine offense which has a plethora of quality chances is going to need to convert, and I believe they will once they get the nerves out and move deeper into the tournament. I like this Argentine team a lot and I see them making it to the final and with a little luck adding a 3rd star to the team crest. South Korea played solidly but, was basically gifted the game after a few Greek defensive blunders. At the very least they should pull points against Nigeria and move into the round of 16.


Argentina explodes and Greece sneaks by. Argentina, the team I think will win the cup, exploded for 4 goal and a hat trick by Higuain. Higuain will get credit for the great feat but it would not have happened without Messi, Messi's second half shot hit off the post and bounced to Higuain for the easiest goal anyone could score and later in the came a brilliant chip ball to Aguero who then made a short cross into Higuain for his 3rd goal of the game and his 3rd goal from 6 yards out. Collectively the easiest hat trick anyone could have, sometimes its better to be lucky then good since he seemed to be in the right spot at the right time over and over again which in itself is a skill but one would be hasty to credit him with too much credit. Greece gets 3 points after Nigeria goes down to 10 men and a goalie mishap allowed to Greeks to go 2-1 up and steal all 3 points. I don't think Greece will get point against an Argentina side who is playing lights out, I see Argentina netting 2 or 3 and Greece lacks such firepower.

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