Saturday, May 22, 2010

day of the final

With the first half currently coming to a close, the score stands at 1-0 adv. Inter. Inter although not having the edge in time of possession has been the more attack oriented side. Bayern has been moving the ball around the back and not looking dangerous besides a couple of half chances that in the end didn't amount to anything. There was about a 10 minute period where Bayern's discipline went out the window and allowed Milito and schneider to play a simple 1-2 which unraveled Bayern's defense for the first goal, and soon after Inter nearly put in another one due to Bayern's slack defense. Bayern's chances in the second half will rest firmly on Arjen Robben who in a couple of instances created some offense but will need to create a piece of magic to beat the stern Inter back line...

Inter are the new kings of Europe... With Bayern playing a much more attacking style in the second half, they where still unable to net any goals and all it took was another counter-attack goal from Diego Milito to seal the deal for the Milan club.

Well done Inter, now lets see where Jose Mourinho ends up next year will his Treble with the Italian giants convince him to stay or will the challenge of trying to get Real Madrid past Barcelona in Spain prove to be too much of a draw?

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